Cat Plays Prime Time 93

Tech John Valesio gets voodoo kitty brain power to repair Lexicon Prime Time Model 93

The Prime Time 93 needs TLC from time to time. Now and then you power up and it sounds as if a mini electrical storm is going on inside. Usually all that is required is to re-seat all pc boards and connectors and make sure chips firm in their sockets (that is more than I can say for myself). A little prayer to the Lexicon gods couldn’t hurt… and of course the mandatory voodoo kitty.

Published by: Michael Tudor

Michael has worn many hats in the recording studio. Primarily, he is a producer, mixer, and recording engineer. Artists Michael has worked with include Moby, Duncan Sheik, John Cale, and The New York Dolls. Theater projects include Spring Awakening, and the upcoming American Psycho. Film projects include Girl Fight, and A Home at the End of the World. Michael is also a mastering engineer, musician, and studio owner. His production room, Studio City Recording Club is located in Los Angeles, CA.

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